Aptco Inc. Business forms, office supplies and promotional material. Custom business forms for any application.

Aptco Inc. Business forms, office supplies, and promotional material. Custom business forms for any application.

Are you a professional salesman with a background in business forms, labels, commercial printing, office supplies or promotional products? Are you a tired distributorship owner?

Are you tired of working for "the company"? Have you realized that every year you sell more and more, but make less money for your efforts?

Have you thought about starting your own distributorship? Many salespeople with their own distributorships find that the clerical duties of their business are overwhelming, and that they are left with little time to sell. Others still would like to start their own distributorships, but find that they don't have the enormous capital it takes to support it.

Aptco inc. believes that it shouldn't make any difference what kind of order it is, that you sold it, and you deserve the money for it. That's why with us, you make the same margin for each and every order, regardless of whether or not it's a custom order.

We handle the clerical duties for less cost than you could do it for yourself! Furthermore, YOU DON'T USE ANY OF YOUR MONEY TO SUPPORT YOUR RECEIVABLES!

The age old adage "It takes money to make money" is especially true in your business... but who said you had to use YOUR money?

Let us help you make your life easier. Not only can we let you take your money out of your business, but we'll also take care of the undesirable, and time consuming aspects of owning your own distributorship. With us, your time is free to spend on selling and servicing your accounts, and your money is free to spend on something other than your business. So, the bottom line is, not only will you have more of your money, you will also have more time to do whatever you please.. like..

Make more money!

You can own your own distributorship with no additional time and effort than required for your sales territory. You sell and service your accounts (like you're already doing) and we'll handle the rest!

We'll keep your distributorship running like a well oiled machine!